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As the labor market continues to evolve, employers recognize that a prepared workforce is the most important element to consider as they prepare to pursue their business goals. The Westchester-Putnam Business Sector Partnership was formed to provide a resource to promote and maintain the economic vitality of their organizations.


To develop a network and resources to grow and maintain employment for key industries and companies located in Westchester and Putnam Counties, with a focus on establishing and nurturing a prepared workforce to maximize the long-term health and vitality of our communities.


Businesses based in Westchester and Putnam counties will access a pipeline of prepared and qualified workers to assist them in their efforts to compete in today’s global economy. Westchester and Putnam workers will have access to training and education programs they need to enter and advance in their careers within the region’s key employment sectors.


Membership is provided at no cost to Westchester and Putnam County-based employers. Business Sector Partnership members will receive access to apply for training funding, tax incentives and recruitment opportunities, updates on key economic development plans, and share input to their workforce needs.

Services available to Members include:

  • Recruitment of skilled, diverse workers based on employer-defined standards
  • Customized screening and assessment of prospective employees
  • Training at the post-secondary level, customized to employer standards
  • On-the-job training to serve the needs of employees and their employers
  • Access to funding to underwrite the cost and expand the capacity to train new and incumbent workers
  • Networking in their respective employer communities to more effectively and efficiently meet the needs of each organization in key business sectors
  • Share best practices on training and recruitment


Employers are asked to commit to the following:

  • Attend quarterly sector partnership meetings
  • Actively participate in these meetings
  • Develop and provide an assessment of your company’s skills and needs
  • List jobs with the One-Stop Employment Center

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